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What We Do

The Seneca Strong Program is focused on Drug and Alcohol Prevention and Recovery, utilizing the peer outreach, and recovery support model. Recovery supports include a drop in recreation center, access to support groups and local 12 step groups. Prevention and education is provided in the schools and community.

Seneca Strong is compassionate to the social, psychological and inter-generational traumas of our community while supporting the empowerment of family and individuals. Seneca Strong utilizes customs and practices handed down by our ancestors. We provide peer outreach and support to help guide our people to the proper support services for treatment and continue to assist through recovery.

Our ultimate goal is to help and assist each individual in reaching his/her maximum potential relating to themselves, family, friends, employment, and recovery from drugs and alcohol. We reach to help all those in need
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Seneca Strong Services

Seneca Strong offers a wide array of support services and amenities for enrolled Senecas.
Outreach & Engagement
Seneca Strong Peers conduct outreach in the community. The Peers will work with individuals on the spectrum of needs of people living with unaddressed trauma and addiction, including: linkage and engagement in treatment and ongoing support, access to safe and sober housing, employment and education, social relationships, community participation, advocacy and support. We are a non-judgmental program and meet the individual where they are at in their recovery.
Recovery Services
Peer Recovery Guide is a person with significant life-altering experience. This is also referred to as lived experience in terms of addiction and recovery. Peer Recovery Guides work with individuals struggling with addiction and unaddressed trauma to improve quality of life and reduce overdose and death by heroin/opioid use. Peers are positive role models and are trained in many areas of trauma and support.
Inpatient/Outpatient Referral
The Recovery Center will work with the Seneca Nation Behavioral Health Unit, P.A.A.R.I (Police Assisted Addiction Recovery Initiative) conjunction with law enforcement, inpatient programs and hospitals to identify referrals to the Program. The program will be advertised in the community, and community and self-referrals will be accepted. Peer Recovery Guides will work with individuals on basic needs such as health care (mental or physical), adequate shelter, adequate food, and clothing will also be addressed and linkages with follow up, including treatment.

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The Seneca Nation of Indians

The Seneca Nation of Indians

Seneca Strong is a department of the Seneca Nation of Indians, a federally recognized and independent tribe. To learn more please visit our website for more information.
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